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5 Benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy



Remedial massage therapy or Remedial massage is a holistic health treatment which can greatly benefit you physically and emotionally. We have listed out the five major health benefits of remedial massage therapy:


Benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy - Advanced Health

Combat a wide variety of Health Disorders:

The body is thoroughly assessed by remedial massage therapists who then design an individual treatment plan for the client. Remedial massage helps in combating a wide variety of health disorders such as insomnia, back pain, headache etc., besides correcting injuries, postural or joint issues.

Reduced Stress:

Massage is particularly known to leave one feeling calm and relaxed. Remedial massage therapy promotes the release of endorphins which in turn reduce stress levels and hampers the production of adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine that induce anxiety.

Greater Sporting Performance:

Majority of damaged or impaired muscles and tendons are a result of the sporting activity. Remedial massage therapy speeds up the recovery of such injuries, thereby improving sporting performance at all levels.

Alleviation of Recurrent Pain:

As much as we may try, there are certain recurring pains that just won’t go!! In cases like these, regular remedial massage treatments not only provide relief from pain but also identify the root cause on the basis of individual assessments and regular post-treatment monitoring.

Improved Circulation:

Regular remedial massage treatments help move blood through congested areas which consequently helps in improving and increasing circulation levels in the body. As the lactic acid’s flushed out from the muscles, this increase in circulation leads to improvement in body functions and control of blood pressure. Improved circulation also encourages cell regeneration and aids the nutrition cycle.

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