What are the Benefits of Massage? 6 Surprising Benefits of Massage
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What are the Benefits of Massage?

By Andrew Cunningham
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Surprising Benefits of Massage

Given today’s restless environment, more and more Australians are turning to massage therapy for relaxation and tension relief from the daily stresses of their hectic lives, or simply for good health maintenance and a balanced lifestyle. There is no harm in pampering one’s self and many people use massage therapy as part of their wellness plan with great success.

There can be some surprising benefits of massage and long term benefits of massage as well. Some people are very regular with their massage therapy but many are not fully aware of the importance of body massage and how it can help you.

Beyond the importance of body massage, many people enjoy it because there is a feeling of caring, comfort, and relaxation.

Before the massage therapy session starts your massage therapist would ask you various questions like; Have you been to a massage therapist before? Do you have an injury? Are you in pain? Where does it hurt and how are you affected by this injury? What is your profession?

As there are various forms and surprising benefits of massage available. In this article today we will touch on benefits, facts, and importance of body massage.

Massage Therapy Benefits

Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are many benefits of weekly massage: massages can have a great impact on your overall health, wellness, and longevity.

  • Massage Therapy helps the nervous system to alleviate muscle pain

As we all experience some sort of suffering and while therapists do concentrate on muscles, this is only a slight part of their work. Massage therapists also deal with connective tissues and the body’s lymphatic system and work with the nervous system to aid in tight and sore muscles because of an overstimulated nervous pathway between the brain and the muscle fibers.

Over time we put our bodies through a tremendous amount of pressure and the importance of body massage has become the norm amongst most people to relieve them of pain.

  • Treating postural dysfunction and counteract chronic sitting with Massage therapy

For some of us, work consists of sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day. We, in turn, lose focus on our posture and our shoulders tend to lean forward. This then can cause a weak core and pain and discomfort in the upper back.

First, it is very important to look at your workstation arrangement. Even people with superb posture will be brought undone by a poorly set up workstation.

At Advanced Health we offer individual workstation assessments to coincide with your massage therapy treatment. We are also available on a consultancy basis for companies and employees needing ergonomic advice.

  • Rehabilitating a wide range of injuries with massage therapy have a significant importance

Whether it be a muscle strain caused by overuse, trauma or an athletic injury there the long term benefits of massage are great when it comes to injuries.

  • Massage therapy will help considerably scale back or eliminate chronic headaches

When addressing migraines or tension headaches, massage therapy isn’t usually the primary technique of treatment thought of by the general public for relief, though it ought to be.

Benefits of weekly massage to treat such pain can aid in great long term benefits. Massage therapists are well skilled at easing these issues in just a few treatments.

  • Benefits of weekly massage regarding mental health

In addition to assisting the healing method of the physical structures of the body, massage therapy can have a positive result on the psychological state to alleviate chronic stress, anxiety, and even depression.

  • Regular massage therapy can improve sleep and fatigue

Most people may not know, a surprising benefit of massage is better to sleep and it can reduce fatigue. Massage therapy has been shown to be better for sleep as a result of it helps individuals relax, relieves pain, and it can also stimulate hormones that are conducive to sleep.

As for fatigue, massage therapy is one of the most recommended types of alternative therapies to treat the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Finding the right place for a Body Massage

After searching in Google or getting recommendations to consider us at Advanced Health. A visit to Advanced Health can be the solution to finding comfort, freedom and mobility and balance – all of which result in a more relaxed everyday life.

Our highly trained massage therapist treat the real causes of illness, not just the symptoms using clinically proven treatments. We are considered one of the best places to get a body massage in Preston and provide various types of massage therapy.

Clinical Remedial Body Massage

It is focused on correcting injury. It can also help in reducing symptoms of lower back pain and sciatica symptoms, joint pains. Also assists in improving joint mobility and toxins removal from the body.

Sports Body Massage

It helps to remove toxins from the muscles. Also reduces downtime due to any kind of sports injury and gives support to even any kind of muscle imbalance.

Corporate Body Massage

This is a specific kind of massage for office goers who are strained due to incorrect posture. It helps to reduce the neck, shoulder and back pains developed due to extensive sitting. It can also help with dull-headaches from being in front of a computer all day.

Brush aside any thoughts that massage therapy is only a feel-good way to indulge or pamper yourself. To the contrary, long term benefits of massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being, whether you have a specific health condition or are just looking for another stress reliever, the importance of body massage is great.

At Advanced Health in Preston, we believe and have confidence that natural self-healing should be an integral part of everyone’s health plan. Nothing makes you stronger than healing naturally.

If you are looking for a body massage in Preston or surrounding suburbs call us on (03) 9484 9185 or to book your massage therapy session online go to Advanced Health.

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