What is the Difference Between Spa Massage and Clinical Massage

Difference between Spa and Clinical Massage

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The medicinal and therapeutic industry has several distinctions that cater to the wellness of your health. If you wish to experience the relaxation part of massage techniques, receiving a spa massage is a great way to feel rejuvenated. On the other hand, clinical massage therapy focuses more on the medical aspect of your body. It works towards relieving stress and correcting different types of injuries and conditions. More often than not, individuals get confused between the two and consider all massage types to be equivalent. All massage techniques do have a therapeutic value of relaxing and increasing blood flow, however there is a clear difference between the two. Below we will focus on the differences between Clinical and Spa Massage:-

The Difference Between Spa and Clinical Massage - Advanced Health

Spa Massage

With a Spa Massage, your therapist would focus on giving you maximum comfort by creating an ambiance that is personal to you. With the help of essential oils, relaxing music and other luxuries. It works in favour of letting go of any tension or difficulties. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a day out for some self-care, just recognize and understand that what you are receiving may be recreational therapy, not massage therapy. For pain management and an ongoing treatment plan to help mitigate health conditions, choose clinical massage therapy instead. Also if you are wanting to cover massage under insurance each plan and provider varies and will generally only cover clinical massage.

Spa Massage


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Clinical Massage

Clinical massage rely on functional outcomes that usually incorporate different modalities in order to correct a stressed body part. They include clinically proven methods like Trigger Point Therapy, Kneading and Myofascial Therapy among others to help you achieve optimum health. Specific massage focused on correcting your injury/ condition, can assist in alleviating symptoms of low back pain, sciatica symptoms and reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndromes. Studies have shown clinical massage can assist in reducing joint pain, improve joint mobility and assist in the removal of toxins such as lactic acid in the muscles. Although these methods include the use of massage on several parts of the body, the sessions are not enriched with aromatic oils and luxurious elements as in a spa massage.

Clinical Massage

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