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A prevalent injury that often afflicts powerlifters is a lumbar spine disc herniation, a condition frequently encountered during squatting or deadlifting exercises. Our practice specialises in providing effective treatment for this particular injury, catering to a significant number of professional weightlifters who have unfortunately experienced the debilitating impact of this condition.

Powerlifting Lower Back Injury Preston

“I have learnt through personal experience suffering from sciatica. Over the past decade i’ve helped thousands of clients with lower back pain and sciatica”- Andrew Cunningham

Powerlifting Lower Back Injury Treatment Preston

Disc Herniation In The Lower Back?

A lower back disc herniation transpires when the inner substance of a lumbar spinal disc exerts pressure against the sturdier outer casing. While certain herniated discs may not exhibit any symptoms, others can trigger discomfort by impinging upon adjacent nerves. This impingement can manifest as pain, numbness, or weakness in the leg that corresponds to the affected nerve’s pathway.

In this condition, the inner core of the disc, known as the nucleus pulposus, protrudes through a weakened or compromised portion of the disc’s outer layer. This can occur due to factors such as age-related wear and tear or sudden trauma. When the herniated portion of the disc presses against nearby nerves, it can disrupt their normal function, leading to sensory disturbances and muscle weakness in the affected leg.

While some individuals with disc herniation may not experience any noticeable symptoms, others encounter discomfort that can range from mild to severe. It’s crucial to promptly seek professional evaluation and treatment if you suspect a disc herniation, particularly if it leads to nerve compression and related symptoms. Our practice specializes in addressing such conditions, offering effective approaches to alleviate pain and enhance your overall spinal health.

Andrews Approach To Lower Back Pain:

Have you faced the gripping ordeal of lower back pain? Perhaps you’ve also contended with the added torment of nerve pain stemming from your lower back troubles. The repercussions of lower back pain extend far beyond mere discomfort, disrupting your daily routine and, if not effectively addressed, potentially becoming an enduring companion.

Best Powerlifting Lower Back Injury Treatment Preston
Powerlifting Injury Treatment Preston

Early diagnosis is key

In 2011, I myself was ensnared in the throes of lower back pain, coupled with unrelenting sciatica. This nerve pain shot down my leg, an intense sensation that surged all the way to my foot. The agony was ceaseless, rendering even basic activities like sitting, walking, or lifting a monumental challenge—unless I huddled in a fetal position on the floor, clutching a pillow between my knees.

My professional journey as a Chiropractor, Clinical Pilates instructor, and Personal Trainer commenced a decade ago, and it was during these initial stages that I confronted this very injury. In the initial aftermath, I sought remedies from diverse colleagues and adhered to the customary regimen—frequent physio/chiro appointments coupled with unwavering home exercises.

However, a year later, while my lower back pain had somewhat abated, the grip of sciatica persisted relentlessly. It was my physician who suggested an orthopedic consultation, convinced that conventional chiropractic and physiotherapy approaches had reached their limits. From his perspective, surgical intervention such as a discectomy was the final recourse.

Equipped with a foundation in Science and a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic, augmented by my year-long immersion in the field, I realized surgery was a last-resort solution. This conviction propelled me to explore an alternate avenue of recovery. Amid various rehabilitation methods, I stumbled upon a gym catering to chronic back pain cases. The premise was simple—two appointments each week for 10 to 12 weeks. Each session entailed 10 minutes of hands-on therapeutic intervention, encompassing massage and adjustments, followed by 20 minutes of dedicated one-on-one exercise guidance.

Astoundingly, within a mere six weeks of embracing this innovative approach, my lower back pain and sciatica were silenced.

A decade later, this transformative protocol has become an integral part of my practice in Preston, where I’ve tended to numerous clients. My clinic encompasses not only treatment rooms but also an array of exercise equipment, harnessed synergistically to combat lower back pain.

My journey of exploration and revelations culminated in the development of a tailored rehabilitation protocol, meticulously honed to address lower back pain, with or without the accompaniment of sciatica. Each session comprises 20 minutes of hands-on therapeutic care, complemented by an additional 20 minutes of guided gym exercises, repeated twice weekly for 6 to 10 weeks.

Powerlifting Injury Clinic Preston
Powerlifting Lower Back Injury Near Preston

Through extensive research and a decade of patient interaction, I’ve underscored the significance of a holistic approach—a protocol that seamlessly intertwines hands-on treatment and resistance-based exercises. The success of this method is evident in amplified strength, translating into alleviated pain levels. In a landscape where home exercises can be ambiguous and technique-sensitive, this protocol has emerged as a steadfast avenue to swift recovery.

My personal journey, intertwined with my professional trajectory, has not only enriched my practice but also illuminated the true essence of lower back pain and its nerve-induced companionship. This distinctive perspective fuels my commitment to aiding those grappling with lower back pain and sciatica, motivating me to offer my distinctive treatment protocol. If you find yourself ensnared by this pain, I stand poised to guide you toward relief and recovery. Secure your appointment through our user-friendly online booking system.

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Powerlifting Lower Back Injury Treatment In Preston

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We provide Chiropractic care to all local Preston residents and surrounding communities including Fairfield, Northcote, Heidelberg, Pascoe Vale, Coburg, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg Heights, Reservoir, Thomastown & Thornbury.

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When looking to find a good chiropractor or a chiropractor near me who is great at treating PowerLifting Lower Back Injury, use a trusted family/friend’s recommendation and/or review websites to find a chiropractor in Preston you can trust. Perhaps read our reviews on google before you make a decision.


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