What makes Chiropractor Massage Different

Chiropractor Massage

We all are aware of the many benefits of massage – it reduces stress, pain and improves sleep….but, have you heard about Chiropractor massage? It has been found out to have an even greater impact on an individual’s well-being. We bet you’re intrigued!! So, let’s have a look at what sets this technique apart from regular massaging.

Chiropractor Massage

The Massage Treatment is a Collaborative Effort:

Both the doctor and the massage therapist guide the Chiropractor treatment. The process begins with a chiropractic evaluation which involves assessment of the joint condition, ligaments, tendons and muscles before a treatment plan could be created. The Chiropractor would also take into account any potential health concerns which could put you at risk while undergoing the treatment. Before the massage could commence, both the doctor and the massage therapist would discuss it among themselves as to which muscle/muscles require attention along with the depth selection and the intensity of pressure that would prove to be beneficial for a specific area of your body.

Insurance Often Covers the Cost:

Chiropractor massage falls under Chiropractic care and is hence often covered by insurance which may not be the case with other massages. It is covered by general health benefits as well so it’s definitely worth checking your benefits if there’s even a slightest hint of doubt.

More Knowledge, Skill and Focus:

As opposed to a wellness massage therapist whose area of work is only limited to massaging, a Chiropractor massage therapist also treats injuries which means that he/she has a higher level of skill and knowledge compared to the former. Knowledge and skill are especially important when you are helping someone recuperate from a serious injury or accident. Since Chiropractor massage therapists are frequently attending to people with injuries, they can guide the massage in a manner that would help the injured/patient recover faster.

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