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Deep Tissue Massage Thornbury

By Andrew Cunningham
Sports Massage Preston

6 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Thornbury

The main objective of Deep Tissue Massage or Deep Tissue Massage Thornbury is the alleviation of pain as the body acquires strength to heal itself. The massage not only promotes relaxation but also helps loosen up muscles that feel constricted and held up in uncomfortable patterns and positions. Here’s looking at some of its other benefits:

Deep Tissue Massage Thornbury

Treats Chronic Back Pain:

Deep Tissue Massage is highly effective in reducing chronic back pain. It uses ‘oblique pressure and a combination of lengthening and cross-fiber strokes’ to treat the pain. Research has found out deep tissue massage to be more effective than therapeutic massage.

Helps Lower High Blood Pressure:

Deep Tissue Massage is known to have positive effects on systolic, diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure readings in adults with pain and high blood pressure symptoms.

Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Muscle Tension:

Chronic stress and muscle tension can open the Pandora’s Box of troubles leading to reduced immune function, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, longer recovery time and a number of other health problems. It has been found out that Deep Massage Therapy can help reduce the level of cortisol and boost the production of oxytocin – a hormone which helps the body to relax. Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, sustains and strengthens social bonds in humans and promotes co-operative behaviours.

Breaks up Scar Tissue:

Deep Tissue Massage helps in breaking up newly formed scar tissue that can make it difficult to recover from an injury and lead to stiffness. The massage reduces inflammation and muscle spasms by stimulating blood flow, loosening up muscles to allow for more oxygen and also helping the nervous system’s automatic stress response.

Improves Athletic Recovery and Performance:

Besides the numerous physical benefits, Deep Tissue Massage is known to have a lot of psychological benefits for athletes grappling with injuries, consequently improving their sporting performance.

Can Help with Labour Pain and Delivery:

Deep Massage Therapy has anxiety-lowering effects. Women who receive the massage before and during labour tend to experience less pain, depression, and anxiety. Also, because the cortisol levels go down after the massage, pregnant women are at a lower risk for premature delivery and protected from excessive fetal activity.

Advanced Health located in Preston, Melbourne and surrounding suburbs like Thornbury, Northcote & Reservoir has a team of highly trained Deep Massage therapists who through their skill, knowledge and dedicated service have transformed and continue to improve upon the lives of the injured and the afflicted. For more details, contact us at 03 9484 9185 or at

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