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Clinical Pilates

Are you are suffering from long term back pain or have a constantly recurring injury such as a hamstring strain. Perhaps you just want to improve your posture and overall core strength? If you have answered yes to either of these questions then our Clinical Pilates program can help you.  Our program has been created and is run by expert Chiropractors with years of experience in helping people with biomechanical disorders. Our clinical pilates program is at the forefront of scientific research into chronic back pain and can succeed where many other manual therapies have failed.

Clinical Pilates is also a great exercise regime to help prevent future sport injuries.  The weekend warrior to the professional athlete will begin to see the difference it makes in no time. Are you stuck at a desk all day and concerned about ended up with  horrible hunching posture? Well don’t be because Clinical Pilates will help rectify any postural issues you have before too much damage is done.

You must have an initial assessment with our Pilates instructor as all Pilates programs are carefully crafted to ensure that your particular goals are reached.

Private health insurance rebates:

Clinical Pilates may attract a rebate from your health fund.

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