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Clinical Pilates Preston

Are you suffering from long term back pain or have a constantly recurring injury such as a hamstring strain ? Perhaps you just want to improve your posture and overall core strength? If you have answered yes to either of these questions then our Clinical Pilates program can help you. Our program was created and is run by our expert Chiropractor with 14 years of experience in helping people with biomechanical disorders. Our clinical pilates program is at the forefront of scientific research into chronic back pain and can succeed where many other manual therapies have failed.

Clinical Pilates Preston

Our Clinical Pilates programs are offered as part of our treatment regime and are specifically tailored to your condition by our qualified Chiropractor.

Clinical Pilates Preston

Is Clinical Pilates the right fit you?

Clinical Pilates serves as an exceptional exercise regimen that goes beyond the realm of fitness – it’s a proactive approach to stave off potential sports-related injuries. This holds true whether you’re a weekend warrior engaging in recreational activities or a seasoned professional athlete striving for peak performance. With consistent dedication, the transformative effects of Clinical Pilates become evident in a relatively short span.

Are you among those who spend prolonged hours at a desk, increasingly concerned about the prospect of developing poor posture and hunching over? Fret not, for Clinical Pilates presents an ideal solution. It’s not just about addressing existing postural issues; it’s about nipping them in the bud before they escalate into significant problems. By embracing Clinical Pilates, you’re taking proactive measures to rectify postural imbalances, enhance core strength, and fortify your musculoskeletal framework.

The versatility of Clinical Pilates transcends traditional exercise routines. It equips you with the tools to safeguard your body’s integrity and functional movement, whether you’re an active individual seeking injury prevention or an individual striving for a healthier posture. The comprehensive nature of Clinical Pilates offers benefits that extend beyond the realm of exercise, impacting your overall well-being and quality of life.

Are initial assessments required?

You must have an initial assessment with our Clinical Pilates instructor as all Pilates programs are carefully crafted to ensure that your particular goals are reached. This detailed first assessment is used to assess areas of weakness to ensure Clinical Pilates is suitable for your specific injury; and is also helpful when addressing pelvic floor muscle dysfunction before, during or after pregnancy. This ensures we pinpoint specific exercises that will help your recovery without causing aggravation.

Andrew Cunningham Clinical Pilates Instructor consulting with a client in his Preston Offices
Clinical Pilates preston

Can Clinical Pilates help reduce poor posture?

The prevalence of poor posture is notably high among various segments of the population, including office workers, laborers, and students. This issue often remains unaddressed, gradually snowballing into a range of related problems. With time, the intricate web of your body’s mechanics strives to compensate for the misalignment caused by poor posture. Unfortunately, these compensatory efforts tend to create a domino effect, culminating in a series of potential injuries that encompass not only the immediate area of concern but also interconnected regions.

At the forefront of these repercussions are the commonly experienced discomforts, such as persistent neck pain, recurring headaches, nagging lower back pain, and even disruptive hip problems. These issues can ultimately impact your overall well-being, affecting your day-to-day activities and diminishing your quality of life. Left unattended, poor posture can sow the seeds of a broader range of musculoskeletal problems, which, in turn, have the potential to limit your mobility, dampen your mood, and impede your productivity.

Clinical Pilates emerges as a proactive solution that aims to halt this downward spiral. By addressing poor posture head-on, Clinical Pilates endeavours to reestablish alignment within your body. Through targeted exercises and guided movements, it targets the muscles that play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy posture. This comprehensive approach contributes to strengthening the core muscles, enhancing overall body awareness, and fostering better alignment. As a result, the far-reaching repercussions of poor posture can be mitigated, paving the way for improved physical comfort, reduced discomfort, and a renewed sense of well-being.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Diving into the world of Clinical Pilates unveils a multifaceted approach to enhancing your physical well-being. These specialised classes extend beyond traditional exercise routines, striving to cultivate a harmonious blend of flexibility, posture refinement, enhanced strength, and an overall boost in body endurance.

A central theme of Clinical Pilates revolve around honing alignment precision, optimising breathing techniques, cultivating a robust core, and fostering advancements in both coordination and balance.

Rooted in a holistic perspective, Clinical Pilates shares common ground with practices like Yoga. These practices underscore the profound significance of attaining and maintaining correct postures and poses, creating a foundation for overall wellness. In the case of Clinical Pilates, the focus magnifies on nurturing the core stability muscles that serve as the body’s pivotal anchor. This unique aspect sets it apart from Yoga and elevates its efficacy in enhancing core strength.

Clinical Pilates will help you embark on a journey that involves nurturing your body’s mechanics, refining your postural integrity, and building a robust core foundation.

Clinical Pilates in Preston at Advanced Health
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Do professional athletes attend Clinical Pilates Classes?

Many Professional Footballers across all codes (AFL, Soccer and Rugby) have attributed their ability to keeping balanced throughout a game to Clinical Pilates Reformer based training.

What are the benefits of Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates brings forth a range of benefits that contribute to your physical well-being and holistic health. Engaging in Pilates workouts facilitates the development of muscular strength while simultaneously promoting a leaner muscle tone. Beyond this, it goes the extra mile by enhancing your body’s flexibility through purposeful lengthening techniques that extend the entire physique, accompanied by the alignment of the spine. This stands in stark contrast to many other exercise regimens, as Clinical Pilates places significant emphasis on the intricate balance between elongation and alignment.

Distinctive to clinical Pilates is its unwavering focus on fortifying the core muscles. This translates into improvements in both mobility and strength, elevating the functional capacity of your body. Notably, the emphasis on core muscles renders clinical Pilates particularly appealing to individuals seeking rehabilitation from lower back pain. This is due to the fundamental role the core plays in facilitating movement and providing essential support to the various joints and muscles in the spine.

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Clinical Pilates Studio at Advanced Health Preston

What can Clinical Pilates in Preston help with?

  • Improved core strength and posture
  • Increased flexibility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Reduce or eliminate lower back pain
  • Generalised injury Rehab
  • Improved fitness levels and balance
  • Prenatal and Postnatal strength and conditioning

Who runs the classes, individual and small group?

Our Clinical Pilates sessions are conducted by our qualified Chiropractor Andrew, allowing rebates with your private health fund as per your cover allowance for 1 on 1 sessions. We offer small group classes where the maximum number of participants is 2.  Our tailored treatment plans that may include Massage and/or Chiro, together with Clinical Pilates can help to get your body back in proper alignment quickly.

Andrew Cunningham Clinical Pilates instructor at Advanced Health Preston
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What is the Price?

At our Clinical Pilates Studio in Preston, a 45 minute 1 on 1 class costs $80. A 45 minute 1 on 2 class costs $45.

Can I use Private health insurance rebates??

Clinical Pilates in Preston may attract a rebate from your health fund. However, this is only for 1 on 1 sessions.  It’s common for your private health insurance to pay a portion of the $80 fee.

Clinical Pilates Class Preston
NDIS Clinical Pilates Melbourne

Is Clinical Pilates covered under your NDIS plan?

Clinical Pilates, if recommended by a healthcare professional as a part of a participant’s plan, might be covered under certain categories such as “Improved Health and Wellbeing” or “Therapeutic Supports.” It’s important to note that services or treatments need to be deemed reasonable and necessary for a person’s disability-related needs.

To determine whether Clinical Pilates can be included in your NDIS plan coverage, you should:

  1. Consult with your NDIS planner or coordinator: They can provide specific information about the services covered by your plan.
  2. Talk to healthcare professionals: If Clinical Pilates is recommended by your healthcare provider as a therapeutic support that would help you achieve your goals, this recommendation can strengthen the case for its inclusion in your plan.
  3. Review your plan: Your NDIS plan documents should outline the supports and services that are covered. Check the sections related to “Supports” or “Core Supports” for information about coverage.
  4. Request a plan review: If Clinical Pilates is not included in your current plan but you believe it is necessary for your wellbeing and goals, you can request a plan review and provide evidence of its potential benefits.

FAQs about Clinical Pilates Preston

Yes. An initial assessment is essential because the exercise program is specifically tailored for each person to meet your personal and rehabilitation goals.

Please bring any referral letters and relevant test results such as x-rays.

Yes. Our 1 on 1 Clinical Pilates appointments are Chiropractic based. We provide a thorough assessment, review outcome measures and prescribe an individual exercise program tailored to your requirements in order to help you alleviate your injury and/ or reduce your level of pain. 

Unfortunately, small group classes are not covered by private health insurance.

Maximum 2 people in a class. 

The class is 45 minutes long.

During the initial assessment, the Chiropractor will discuss with you a plan to achieve your fitness, rehabilitation and personal goals. Generally, 2 times a week for 6 weeks gives you a very solid core strength base. 

Please bring a pair of socks, gym towel and a water bottle.

Andrew has been a qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor for 11 years. 

Congratulations. You have! When looking to find a good Clinical Pilates Studio or a Clinical Pilates Studio near you who is great, use a trusted family/ friend’s recommendation and/ or review websites to find a Clinical Pilates Instructor you can trust. Perhaps read our reviews on google before you make a decision. 

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Clinical Pilates Studio Preston

Local Pilates Classes In Preston, Thornbury, Reservoir, Northcote, Pascoe Vale & Coburg Areas.

As one of Preston’s leading clinical pilates studios, Advanced Health is conveniently located on the Preston and Thornbury border to help treat any pain you may be having. Our studio provides  Clinical Pilates classes to all local Preston residents and surrounding communities including  Fairfield, Northcote, Heidelberg, Pascoe Vale, Coburg, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg Heights, Reservoir, Thomastown & Thornbury.

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We have two locations:

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We have a HICAPS terminal onsite that can apply real time rebates for Australian  private health insurance funds.

Service Area for Clinical Pilates Preston

We provide Clinical Pilates to all local Preston residents and surrounding communities including Fairfield, Northcote, Heidelberg, Pascoe Vale, Coburg, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg Heights, Reservoir, Thomastown & Thornbury.

Clinical Pilates Preston

Located close to the border of Preston and Thornbury, Advanced Health Chiropractic provides outstanding and holistic chiropractic, massage and clinical pilates care in a warm and inviting space.

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  • Early Morning and Late Appointments
  • 45 minute Clinical Pilates session times
  • We have 3 Clinical Pilates reformers on site in our Preston Studio
  • Weekend Appointments
What to expect during your first Clinical Pilates session at our studio in Preston?

We diagnose your injury at your first appointment and develop a Clinical Pilates exercise routine that will remedy your injury.

The best Clinical Pilates in Preston

When looking to find a great Clinical Pilates studio near me, use a trusted family/ friend’s recommendation and/ or review websites to find a Clinical Pilates Instructor in Preston you can trust. Perhaps read our reviews on google before you make a decision.


Here is a list of common injuries we treat:

Clinical Pilates Preston

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