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Massage Therapy for Back Pain


Massage Therapy for Back Pain


Lower back pain is a common symptom experienced by adults. Back massage therapy is a good solution to alleviate any kind of stress or pressure in the back area and accounts for an instantly relieving therapy. Massage therapy techniques for back pains are recommended by most doctors and chiropractors and if you or anyone in your family is experiencing the same, you should get it looked at soon.

The back of your body goes under a lot of strain due to regular moving, stretching, hunching and lifting. Certain individuals also adopt wrong postures that disrupt the lower or upper back causing pain. Your chiropractor can recommend massages for upper back pains that can provide temporary relief against stressors. It is also important to know the correct back massage techniques before application.

Two muscles constitute the pivotal portion of your back i.e., the quadratus lumborum and the gluteus medius. Straining either of these muscles causes a great deal of discomfort to the human body. You can try the following back massage techniques specifically on the above-mentioned muscles:

  1. With the help of two or three scarves or thick towels, braid them into shape until they are entirely twisted. As you stretch them, place them at the back of your neck to simulate pressure. As you rub the cloth against your body, it will help to release the pressure. This massage therapy for back pain is ideally a temporary relief. In cases of extreme pain, you might have to consult a physiotherapist.
  2. You can also use a tennis ball as a back massage technique. Stand against a wall facing your back to it, and place a tennis ball between your upper back and the wall. Press your back against the ball moving up and down to release the pressure. The firmness of the tennis ball acts as a pressure point to alleviate any kind of stress faced by your upper back. Be cautious in case you press your spine against the tennis ball or drop it and hurt yourself. Shift shoulder blades every 5 mins as you repeat the process.

If you are based in Preston or neighbouring suburbs you can find the comfort and availability of a chiropractor at Advanced Health Chiropractic. By suggesting natural, self-healing plans that suit every inch of your body, you can be assured to receive reliable feedback against any sort of pain at the back. Advanced Health Chiropractic offers a customised back massage therapy according to the adversity of your condition by suggesting suitable massages for your upper back pain.

Massage Therapy Back Pain


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