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The Top 5 Benefits of Clinical Pilates Preston

While Pilates (Clinical Pilates Preston) can benefit anyone with nagging pain, chronic pain, etc., they may not always be apt for dealing with injuries and catering to unique personal needs. Clinical Pilates, on the other hand, is centered around your individual needs. The exercises so designed can be changed to suit your level and abilities. So, here are the top 5 benefits of Clinical Pilates

  • Improvement in Overall Health:

    Your overall health improves drastically because of consistent physical activity that you undergo in Clinical Pilates. Exercising produces hormones like endorphins in your body which put your mind to ease and leave you feeling positive about everything. Regular exercise makes you feel more energetic, improves your sleep and ability to focus on things.

  • Stabilization of the Body:

    Clinical Pilates improve your body’s stability. When the primary movers in your hips and shoulders are exercised, your muscles are strengthened around the commonly injured points and provide your body with the foundation to work, move around, etc.

  • Prepares you for Having a Baby:

    Clinical Pilates are great for pregnant women because they ensure a safe and effective exercise routine for them. The exercises strengthen the mother and the baby and make the process of conception a little bit easier.

  • Pelvic Floor is Strengthened:

    It is essential to strengthen the pelvic floor during and after the pregnancy so that it can be protected from injury. If the pelvic floor weakens, it can lead to incontinence and make it difficult for you to stand up from a seated position.  Clinical Pilates is also highly beneficial for elderly people as it helps them regain strength in their muscles and be able to move around better.

  • Effective Rehab for an Injury:

    Clinical Pilates can effectively help you recuperate from an injury. The first step in that direction is to meet a physical therapist or physiotherapist who would assess your injury, posture, and imbalances. They would liaise with your Clinical Pilates (Clinical Pilates Preston) instructor to guide you through the right exercises which would further help strengthen your muscle group.

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Advanced Health located in Preston, is one of the best centers for Clinical Pilates treatment with easy access to neighboring suburbs from Thornbury, Reservoir and Northcote (Melbourne). Our experts have helped numerous people cope with chronic back pain and other maladies through the skilful application of Clinical Pilates. To get in touch with our helpful staff, please contact us at (03) 9484 91815 or

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