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Benefits of Pilates

With the advancement of science and technology, life has become much easier as compared to how it was 100 years back. Whether it’s going from one place to another or buying something to eat or wear, everything can be done with a click of a button. This progression has made humans lazier than they were ever before. Our forefathers used to work in fields and mines, which involved a lot of physical activity. Our whole day is spent in front of a screen- Laptop, Computers, Phone, TV. The physical efforts put by today’s generation are quite less as compared to how things were half a century ago.

Pilates Center in Preston

This lack of physical activity has made our generation prone to many health issues as well. Any illness like diabetes, heart issues or back issues used to affect people in their late 60s is affecting them now in their mid-twenties.

With such a sedentary lifestyle, it’s important to take up some form of exercise, to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

Pilates is a form of exercise that has gained a lot of traction and there are Pilates Centres and classes popping up everywhere. Simply google “Pilates Centre near me” and numerous locations will show up. If you are looking for a Pilates program in the Preston, Reservoir or Thornbury area, Advanced Health offers a great Pilates program for all ages. It is a great workout for your entire body, making you look lean and fit.

Advantages of doing Pilates:

  • Develop Core Strength

    Muscles of back, abdomen, and pelvis are generally called as core muscles. These core muscles help provide support for movement and postures. A strong core ensures that the body is fully supported, muscles are relaxed, and joints are not overworked. The icing on the cake with a strong core is flat abs, making you look good in all the beachside pictures.

  • Exercise for everyone

    Whether it’s a budding teenager or recently retired professional, Pilates is a good fit for all of them. It helps you gain strength and muscles within the whole body without bulking up.

  • Increases Flexibility

    Pilates increases the length and elasticity of muscles as well as the range of motion of joints. Increased flexibility makes day to day task easier and provides a positive outlook. Increased flexibility improves blood circulation and makes you feel healthier.

  • Helps with weight loss and lean appearance

    Regularly practicing Pilates will improve the body structure drastically. Pilates helps in burning calories, gain muscle strength, get lean and have a beautiful posture.

  • Improve Mental Health

    Pilates makes the body-mind relationship stronger. It improves your concentration, focus and overall mental health. Pilates forces you to focus on your body, breathe and how they work together.

Various other benefits of Pilates:

  1. Useful during and after pregnancy
  2. Helps improve the strength of pelvic muscles
  3. Reduces the risk of injuries
  4. Reduce stress and anxiety
  5. Boost stamina
  6. Improves lung capacity which is beneficial for athletes and musicians



As you can see there are many benefits of Pilates and there are no restrictions when it comes to age, body structure or lifestyle. Pilates can be for anyone. So, if you are looking for a Pilates Centre in Preston, Reservoir or Thornbury and you google “Pilates Center near me” Contact Advanced Health in Preston on (03) 9484 9185 to get more information how Pilates can benefit your life.