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Sports injury? Book an appointment with our Sports Chiropractor in Preston to get you moving again!

By Andrew Cunningham
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Sports Chiropractor an Excellent Resource for Athletes

Sports Chiropractor

Whether it is footy, rugby or any other sport, professional and amateur athletes can suffer from serious injuries. Even though professional athletes are physically strong, traumatic injuries can stop them from playing for months or can even end their career. Amateur players, play on the weekend for leisure, might get serious sports injury which can lead to the end of playing for fun.

Sports injuries are commonly caused by overuse, direct impact, or the application of force that is greater than the body part can structurally withstand. It can also be due to poor and improper training methods. All of this can take us away from the sports that we love and enjoy playing.

A professional sports chiropractor helps to prevent and manage sports-related injuries. They possesses extensive qualifications related specifically to sports-related injuries. They follow a non-surgical approach that emphasises drug-free pain relief. Because chiropractic medicine is defined by its “hands-on” approach to healing and the belief in caring for the entire body, it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to stay in the game without relying on drugs or surgeries.

How can a sports chiropractor help:

  1. They can help prevent injuries from happening
  2. Speed up the recovery from injuries
  3. Identify the underlying cause of the injury
  4. Treat musculoskeletal injuries

Every sports chiropractor treats injuries with the same basic techniques. They use spinal manipulation to align your spine and traction tables to relieve pressure in the discs in your back. A great sports chiropractor will also educate you on the proper way to move your body to avoid injury. Sports chiropractors are strong supporters in holistic care. This means that they’re concerned with the health of your whole body and can be an excellent resource for the sports-minded individual

So, now you have decided a sports chiropractor will be a great asset and not sure where to find one. You start by searching in Google, “Sports Chiropractor near me” or “find a Sports Chiropractor near me” and a list of Sports Chiropractors come up and you don’t know where to start.

First, look for reviews and ask a friend or family for a referral. It is also important to check their credentials. Most sports chiropractors will display their credentials on their website but it is also as simple as emailing or dropping by their office to find out.

Anyone who plays sports regularly can benefit from chiropractic care. Advanced Health in Preston is committed to providing safe and effective sports chiropractic therapy. Currently our Chiropractor Andrew works closely with the Fitzroy Stars Football Club in Thornbury, Snap Fitness in Preston and the Old Paradian Football Club in Northern Melbourne.

So next time you google “find a Sports Chiropractors near me” give Advanced Health a call at 03 9484 9185. Helping you to stay fit and healthy!

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