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Massage Therapy for Sports Injury Recovery

By Andrew Cunningham
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Massage Therapy as a Source of Sports Injury Recovery and Prevention

Massage for sports injuries has always been effective as it helps in assisting athletes suffering from athletic activities. Even those who have broken a bone, massage therapy can aid in the strengthening of the bone through gaining stronger more durable muscles.

Massage Therapy Sports Injury Recovery

We all know the enormous benefits of exercise through sports, whether it be physically or mentally and with adding massage therapy into that routine, it can also assist tremendous with detoxifying and relief of stress on the muscles. Sports clinics and any athletic teams use massage for sports injuries, recovery and rehabilitation to prevent and aid in the healing of muscles. This helps them to prevent and /or recover faster from injuries that occur naturally with strenuous movement.

The best tips you should know about using massage for sports injuries:

Reduces Muscle Pain

Heavily exercised muscles may lose their capacity to relax which chronically tighten the muscles and loses flexibility. Lack of flexibility causes muscle soreness and predisposes to injuries, especially muscle pulls and tears.

Massage therapy for injuries can do wonders in terms of reducing muscle pain. This ultimately helps in feeling better and prevents injuries from occurring. The surrounded active muscle provides stability to the sore muscles. Eventually, this will increase the ability to stand on our own.

Increases Blood Flow

It has been found that massage increases circulation and blood flow. As we all know, blood provides the nutrients that assist in relieving pain and sufferings. Increased blood flow phenomenally helps in sports injury rehabilitation and recovery.

While playing any type of sports, a person is more likely to have increased blood flow. This actually supports recuperation once the sports game is completed.

This includes improved blood and lymph circulation which ultimately relaxes muscles. This removes the waste products from their body and aids in sports injury recovery or sports injury rehabilitation.

Increase Mental Acuity

When you feel more relaxed and calm, you generally will be more aware of your surroundings. This is especially important while playing a sport and knowing where your opponent is at all times. It also greatly benefits you while moving your body throughout daily tasks and can also make you more aware of any muscles and joints that are not feeling well or not working to their potential.

Makes you feel Better

Your emotional and mental state can highly affect your physical well-being. If you are upset or depressed in any way, the tension can eventually take over and effect your muscles. This can lead to an increase in injuries while playing sports or simple daily activities. With regular massage therapy, this can help boost your emotional and mental health and let you focus on the sports you love.

Our highly trained Chiropractors, Massage therapist and Pilates instructors at Advanced Health Chiropractor in Preston treat the real causes of illness, not just the symptoms, using clinically proven treatments and non-invasive diagnostic tests. So, if you are looking for massage therapy for sports-related injuries or any other ailments give us a call at (03) 9484 9185. We have confidence that natural self-healing healthcare should be an integral part of everyone’s health plan.

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