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High level athletes are very much aware of the value your body can get out of early intervention when a pain/ niggle occurs. This should reduce and prevent future breakdowns. Anyone who does long working days can benefit from this principal if they put it into practice.
Clinical Remedial Massage in Preston:
  • Specific massage focused on correcting your injury/ condition
  • Can assist in alleviating symptoms of low back pain and  sciatica symptoms
  • Reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndromes
  • Studies have shown massage can assist in reducing joint pain
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Assists in the removal of toxins such as lactic acid in the muscles
  • Exercise Prescription

Sports Massage in Preston:

  • Deep tissue pressure breaking up adhesions
  • Removes toxins from the muscles
  • Reduces injury downtime
  • Evens out any muscle balance discrepancies
  • Our massage therapist are all athletes themselves, therefore, they understand the benefits of correct exercise prescription

Corporate Massage in Preston:

  • A specific massage aimed at office workers who have developed a postural strain
  • Assists in eliminating classic 3pm-office-worker-neck-shoulder-and-back-dull-ache-itis
  • Will help eliminate any dull aches, increasing your productivity

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