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By Andrew Cunningham

The Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage is used to treat soft tissues. The objective is to help the injured recuperate or to help a sportsperson warm-up or relax just before a competition. Sports massage therapy helps in providing relief to the areas of the body which have been overused and stressed due to repetitive and aggressive movements. Some of the benefits of sports massage are as under:

Sports Massage Therapy

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Reduced Inflammation:

A sports massage therapist applies pressure on the muscular tissue which in turn helps in reducing muscle aches and pain due to inflammation. The pressure so applied by the therapist also helps in stretching the tissue and reducing adhesions in the area. All of this results in the smoother flow of blood around the area of injury.

Reduced Swelling:

Sports massage therapy also helps in improving the access of lymph fluid to the injury. Lymph fluid is vital to reducing swelling in the joints as it helps in flushing out broken down adhesions. Because of the high density of white blood cells in the fluid, it also helps in faster healing.

Muscle Tightness Prevention:

An athlete may be prone to an injury again (after having recovered from an initial injury) if their muscles have limited access to oxygen while they exercise. Lack of oxygen can result in tightening of muscles which can, in turn, lead to overextension and ligament tears. Sports massage keeps the circulatory system functioning properly by ensuring that the muscles have ample access to blood which carries oxygen.

Breakdown of Lactic Acid Buildup:

Muscle tension and tightness is also caused by the buildup of lactic acid in the muscle. When the oxygen level in the body is low, lactic acid accumulates and forms knots in the muscle which are called trigger points. Sports massage therapy helps in breaking down these knots and additional metabolic waste in the body which when flushed out makes way for oxygenated blood that the body requires.

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Sports Massage Therapy Northcote

Sports massage is highly valued by many athletes and provides a number of physical benefits for any individual, not just those suffering from sports injuries. Our therapists at Advanced Health have helped numerous people through the skilful application of sports massage therapy. If you want more information or wish to book an appointment to see one of our therapists please contact us at (03) 9484 9185 or

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