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Are Chiros & Physios really that different?

By Andrew Cunningham
Achilles Tendonitis treatment in Preston


“Book an appointment with an allied health provider because of the individual practitioner’s reputation. Do not base it on their profession being a Chiro Physio or Osteo.”

In Melbourne, especially Preston, Thornbury, Northcote and Reservoir area’s people are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an allied health practitioner to help get them out of pain.

I do not recommend you go by the old common shared belief to see a Physio for “muscle issues”, a Chiro for “bone issues” and an Osteo for a bit from column A and a bit from column B.

The truth of the matter is, in the majority of bodily musculoskeletal injuries, bones and muscles are almost always both affected and need to be tended to. It’s extremely rare a patient will present with a bone/ joint issue exclusively, and no muscle is affected and vice versa.

This is why it’s important to understand that when it comes to bodily ailments, there is a huge overlap in relation to what Physios, Chiros and Osteos can treat.

Chiropractic Treatment in Preston Offices

“I have back or bone pain so I should visit a Chiropractor only”

 “If I have a muscle strain I’ll see a Physio”

As a general rule of thumb, during one of my treatments as a Chiropractor I will:

  • Use massage techniques
  • Manipulate joints (producing a cracking noise)
  • Use tools such as Theraguns and Tens machines
  • Use mobilisation techniques
  • Provide  exercise rehab on site and at home

Generally speaking, Physios and Osteos:

  • Use massage techniques
  • Manipulate joints (Physios can actually complete post graduate training to then hold the title as a “Manipulative Physiotherapist”)
  • Use tools such as Theragun’s and Tens machines
  • Use a variety of Mobilisation techniques
  • Provide  exercise rehab on site and at home

The main takeaway message is, choose an allied health professional based on their individual merit as a practitioner, not what overhanging profession they are catagorised into. Don’t have tunnel vision regarding the old school mentality that Chiropractors only fix spines and Physios only fix soft tissues injuries- there is a massive overlap. Seek professional help from a trusted recommendation or call the therapist’s clinic prior to your first appointment if you are unsure the therapist can help. The Chiro, Physio or Osteo you reach out to may not be able to speak to you immediately, however, in the majority of cases they will be happy to give you a call back and talk about your problem. 

If you would like to get in touch with me about a current injury you are dealing with please call me on 03 9484 9185 or email at 

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