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Injuries are a prevalent concern in the realm of both competition and training, with a significant portion of Australian Football League (AFL) injuries arising during these activities. Notably, a considerable majority of injuries (78%) occur during competitive matches, while a smaller percentage (13%) manifest during training sessions. It is noteworthy that injury occurrences tend to be more frequent in the early stages of the season.

Various factors contribute to the genesis of injuries. Striking incidents account for 28% of the injuries, while collisions between players attribute to 21% of the injury cases. Additionally, overuse injuries, stemming from repetitive actions and strain, constitute 12% of the overall injury instances. Among the types of injuries, sprains encompass 30% of AFL injuries, whereas fractures account for 13%.

These statistics highlight the multifaceted nature of injuries within the AFL and underscore the importance of comprehensive injury prevention and management strategies within the sport.

Afl Injuries Coburg

As of 2022, Andrew has maintained his active involvement in AFL by playing in the VAFA, accumulating an impressive record of over 200 games. Within his practice located near Coburg, he has garnered extensive experience in treating various AFL-related injuries over the course of the last 15 years. This unique blend of playing experience and therapeutic expertise positions him well to understand, address, and manage injuries commonly encountered in the sport.

Afl Injuries Treatment Coburg

Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries stand out as the most prevalent type of injury in the Australian Football League (AFL), with an average of 6 injuries occurring per club annually. These injuries are typically attributed to specific actions during gameplay. One common cause is overstriding, especially when athletes are near their maximum speed and trying to sustain that pace. Additionally, leaning forward in an effort to maintain or accelerate speed, bending to retrieve the ball while in motion, or attempting to break free from a tackle are all common mechanisms that can lead to hamstring strain injuries in the context of AFL. Furthermore, the likelihood of hamstring injuries is heightened on slippery playing surfaces due to reduced traction (Orchard, 2000).

AFL related Quadriceps strains

Quadriceps strains in the context of Australian Football League (AFL) are notably more prevalent on the dominant side of players, particularly during training sessions. This higher occurrence on the dominant side can be attributed to the relatively less diverse training environment as compared to the variability in movements encountered during actual games. These strains tend to happen more frequently when players are engaged in short kicking actions while running at elevated speeds.

Afl Injury Treatment Coburg

Hand AFL injuries

In the Australian Football League (AFL), recreational players tend to sustain upper limb injuries more frequently than their competitive counterparts. This heightened risk among recreational players could be attributed to potential factors such as suboptimal tackling techniques, inadequate coordination, and less refined skills when it comes to tackling and falling.

Knee AFL injuries

In the context of Australian Football League (AFL), knee injuries hold notable significance. Extrinsic factors like ground hardness and enhanced traction have been identified as contributors to an elevated occurrence of knee injuries. Remarkably, players with longer cleats on their footwear experience even greater boot-to-ground traction, which could potentially impact the risk of knee injuries.

When it comes to specific knee ligament injuries, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is of particular concern. A history of prior ACL reconstruction emerges as the most substantial risk factor for ACL injury. Interestingly, players returning from ACL reconstruction have a significantly heightened risk of ACL recurrence in the immediate post-return period, along with a fourfold increased risk of injuring either knee over their football career.

Furthermore, injuries to the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) manifest with distinct patterns. They are more prevalent in ruckmen, particularly those who engage in jumping maneuvers during the centre bounce phase of the game.

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Afl Injuries Coburg Andrew Cunningham Chiropractor taking a mark playing AFL

Groin Strains and Pubic Stress Syndrome

Groin strains and pubic stress syndrome hold significant prevalence as injuries. These injuries rank as the second most common, trailing only behind hamstring strains.

The occurrence of these injuries can be attributed to the repetitive and frequent stresses placed on the pelvic ring. Factors such as the nature of kicking, as well as the frequent changes in direction during running and sprinting, contribute to the overloading of the pelvic region, making these injuries a noteworthy concern in the AFL context.

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